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Behavioural Safety Overview:

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Behavioural Safety enables, empowers and encourages workers to organise, control and improve their own safety and that of their colleagues.

Workers often have the best solution, if their voices are heard. The aim of this Behavioural Safety online course is to instil a questioning attitude and personal responsibility towards health and safety in workers at all levels of the company or organisation.

This Behavioural Safety E-Learning course defines behavioural safety and explains the origins of the concept. Behavioural Safety online covers how it can be implemented in the workplace and some of the potential benefits. The online Behavioural Safety course includes analysis of some examples of ‘at risk behaviours’ and some examples of ways you can measure how well your organisation is doing when it comes to safety. Finally the online Behavioural Safety course touches on some of the key laws regarding health and safety in the workplace and how to ensure positive workforce attitudes.

Behavioural Safety Target Audience

This Behavioural Safety course is aimed primarily at employees to give them an understanding of the issues regarding Behavioural Safety, its implementation into the workplace and relation to workplace health and safety.

Behavioural Safety Advantages

IOSH & IIRSM approval means that this course meets the rigorous standards of this leading industry body.

Online training is flexible, efficient and cost-effective, so candidates can progress through the modules at their own pace, in their own time, making it easy to fit the training around their work and personal life.

Duration of the course

45 minutes

Behavioural Safety Modules

Essential Terms and Business Benefits
How Behavioural Safety Works
Setting Up a Programme
Ensuring Positive Workforce Attitudes

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