The majority of businesses will have some staff members that need to spend a lot of time behind a computer screen. Whether they are reception staff, admin or another office-based role, businesses have a responsibility to ensure these staff members are safe while using monitors. Display screen equipment training is a requirement for a business. This is to comply with Health and Safety Regulations. Furthermore, it is necessary for every member of staff that uses a screen for more than an hour a day.

Almost every business in the country will have some employees that legally require appropriate training, making it an excellent course to be able to offer clients.

What Is Display Screen Equipment Training?

With technology constantly evolving and improving, display screen equipment now refers to much more than just a computer monitor. If a business has staff that regularly use tablets, mobile phones, laptops, diagnostic screens, televisions or any other display equipment, they need to provide display screen equipment training. Without appropriate training and knowledge, employees could suffer from eye strain, fatigue, backache and many other issues.

Display screen equipment training gives businesses and their employees the tools and knowledge they need. It allows them to work safely with this equipment. You can deliver the courses using online videos with presenter-led training. The courses feature quiz-style questions and enticing animations to keep viewers engaged throughout.

Our display screen equipment training courses cover everything your clients need to protect their employees and comply with legislation. This includes how to adjust an office chair and getting the screen positioning correct. Consequently, there are various hazards and risks to be aware of.

Display Screen Equipment Training

We can fully licence and brand every one of our display screen equipment training courses. For a full list of display screen equipment courses available, visit our website or get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your specific requirements.