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Become A Distribution Partner

Training for businesses is a big deal. In fact, research by the Association for Talent Development has found that training for employees creates a 218% higher income per employee. Further, companies with training have a 24% higher profit margin. With more businesses wanting to make the most of their staff, training is essential. Become a distribution partner with VideoTile and start meeting the demands of businesses and serve their training needs.

What Is A Distribution Partner?

VideoTile wants to be your e-learning partner. We create hundreds of interactive video and online courses to meet the high demand for innovative and practical training solutions. Consequently, VideoTile covers a vast range of subjects from business skills to health and safety with our online courses. Furthermore, we also offer bespoke course development for unique training content for our clients.

Become a distribution partner with VideoTile, and we can provide you with a range of free resources. You can market the courses as your own and offer your courses to your clients. VideoTile creates the courses complete with your branding for you to deliver as your own. We will provide free marketing, technical and creative resources to help you to sell courses and grow your client base.

Furthermore, our courses couldn’t be easier to deploy. You can create a buy-online system on your website. Just a couple of clicks and clients can access their LMS through your website. This means they can enjoy training wherever they are, whenever is convenient.

You may already offer face-to-face training. However, offering online courses as well can help your business to diversify and supplement its offering. From creating training bundles to adding new courses, it can be a fantastic way to grow your business and revenue.

Become A Distribution Partner Today

We’d love to add more distribution partners to our network. If you want to increase your potential and expand your business, then email the team at to find out more.

Have Your Own Online Courses

For all training companies, it is important to diversify your offering to meet the needs of all of your customers. While many people and organisations still enjoy the personalised nature of face to face courses, some aspects of training need to be convenient and easy for organisations to deploy. As a training provider, you can meet these needs and have your own online courses to sell to your clients.

How To Have Your Own Online Courses

While you may have a team of highly experienced and qualified trainers, you may not have the development skills to create your own online courses. This is where VideoTile come in. We are training specialists who work exclusively with training providers. We don’t sell our training directly to customers. Instead, we create online training courses for providers to deliver to customers as their own.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Courses From VideoTile?

Depending on your business objectives and customer base, we have the perfect online training solution for you. Firstly, your training business can choose between our off-the-shelf courses that cover a range of subjects and tackle the most pressing training needs, or we offer bespoke courses. Regardless of the option you select, our team will personalise and brand the course to suit your business.

Our bespoke course development can be an excellent way to bring your distinctive training to life in a brand-new format. This helps to diversify what you offer and means you can deliver the same high standards of training across a range of platforms.

Another benefit of working with VideoTile is the fact that we will host the online training courses on our LMS platform. Your customers just need to click through the links on your website to access the course and begin learning. It couldn’t be simpler for your business to run!

Have Your Own Online Courses Today

Whether you want to increase your offering, keep up with demand or host your training in a brand-new way, VideoTile can help. Get in touch at to find out more.

Health and Safety E-Learning Course

For all workplaces, employers have a legal responsibility to manage health and safety. One aspect of maintaining health and safety is through training. To help make the training easier for employees and employers, VideoTile recommends health and safety e-learning course.

VideoTile are your e-learning partner. We create captivating interactive video-based training to suit your client’s training needs. We then offer a fully branded solution; this means that your chosen courses are given the branding you want for a seamless experience for your clients. We know how important having a good quality health and safety e-learning course is. This is why we use the latest training technique and state-of-the-art technology to create training that works.

What health and safety e-learning course do VideoTile offer?

To suit all training providers and their clients, we offer a range of different health and safety e-learning courses. Some of the courses you may wish to provide your clients include;

Manual Handling – Almost every employer in every workplace will have to complete some form of manual handling. This course explains the risks and injuries of poor manual handling. It also describes the best practice approach to lifting and moving as safely as possible.

Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers – With the rise of remote working, this course is essential for those who work alone, whether they work at home, are mobile or work alone in the business premises. The course covers the legal responsibilities of employers and employees; it also offers practical steps to implement.

Display Screen Equipment – For anyone that uses display screen equipment as part of their normal work should undertake this course. The training covers the correct way to set up equipment as well as how to use display screen equipment safely.

Looking for a health and safety e-learning course?

VideoTile offer a range of courses for health and safety. See our courses first-hand with your free trial. Alternatively, give our team a call on  0845 838 2809 if you are looking for a particular health and safety e-learning course.