The Data Protection Act effects all businesses who hold any kind of personal information. Understanding and complying with the Data Protection Act is a legal requirement. Therefore it is important all your staff are aware of it. Companies should invest in adequate training in this area and a data protection e-learning course is a highly effective choice. Good data management and safety and understanding the best practice with regard to data is beneficial to companies in many ways.

Data Protection in the Workplace

At VideoTile our Data Protection in the Workplace e-learning course helps organisations ensure their employees are fully versed in the necessities surrounding data management and protection. If your business or organisation handles personal information of any kind then you have a legal obligation to protect that information. All staff are obliged to ensure their activities comply with the Data Protection Act, if they handle or deal with the data in question, and they need to be adequately trained to do so.

Efficient Training with a Data Protection E-Learning Course

Organisations investing in data security training, especially online, video-based training like our offering, benefit from efficient and easy to digest content for their staff. Our Data Protection in the Workplace course covers the basic concepts of data security. It also covers the core information and essentials from the Data Protection Act 1998. Individuals attain the knowledge they need to understand their role in the workplace. They will also benefit from a wider view of the importance of data security for the company.

Our data protection e-learning course is accessible via our large network of distribution partners. The course makes it easy to learn a basic understanding of data protection in the workplace. We also design bespoke courses tailored to individual businesses and for our partners. We can take the content of courses such as this as part of your package.