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Kids Addicted To Video Games Become Depressed

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Children and teenagers who are addicted to playing video games may develop psychological disorders such as depression, a study has revealed.

Research shows that kids who are more likely to become hooked on video games are those who spend hours locked in their rooms playing them and have trouble socialising with other people.

This lack of ‘fitting in’ is then likely to make the child become depressed, anxious or have a social phobia.

The results, which were published in Pediatrics, also point out that their school performance and grades will suffer.


Douglas A. Gentile, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University in America, said: “What we’ve known from other studies is that video gaming addiction looks similar to other addictions. But what wasn’t clear was what comes before what.

“But we found that in kids who started gaming pathologically, depression and anxiety got worse. And, when they stopped gaming, the depression lifted. It may be that these disorders [co-exist], but games seem to make the problem worse.”

The study included 3,034 children and teens from Singapore, between 2007-2009 of whom the children came from six primary schools and six secondary schools; almost 2,200 of the participants were male.

83% of the volunteers reported playing video games sometimes, and 10% said they had played video games in the past.

The average time spent playing video games was around 20.5 to 22.5 hours a week.


In the study about 9% of the children surveyed qualified as being pathological video gamers i.e. addicted.

The research shows that concepts to which contribute to the child being ‘addictive’ are playing video games for more than 30 hours a week, a lack in social skills and less-than-average compassion.

The scientists suggest no more than two hours a day, 19 hours a week.

What do you think about kids playing interactive video?

Australian Federal Government Lobby Classification of R18+ Video Games

Friday, November 26th, 2010

There has been a mixed take and reaction on the controversial decision to introduce an R18+ rating for video games in Australia.

Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Home Affairs and Justice, yesterday said the Gillard Government would “advocate for the introduction of an adult only classification for video games”.

The new categorising, which is the first significant change to Australia’s classification system since 1994, is said to provide better guidance for parents and remove unsuitable material from children and teenagers, keeping it out of their hands.

However any change to the classification system requires the support of all state and territory attorneys-general, who are due to meet this Friday.


The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) issued a statement calling for “the ban on extreme and interactive violent video games” to be upheld.

Several Liberal and National politicians, including a state minister, came out against an R18+ rating after the Federal Government’s announcement.

While pledging the Federal Government’s support, Mr O’Connor said an R18+ would help keep adult-themed games out of the hands of children.

Computer games currently classified as MA15+ would be reclassified R18+.


The Federal Government last week published a review of existing literature on whether violent video games incited aggressive behaviour.

The review found there was no “conclusive evidence” games had a greater impact on players than other forms of media like TV.

Mr O’Connor’s results of a telephone survey claimed 80 per cent supported the R18+ classification for games.

Australia’s classification ministers will meet this Friday at the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General to discuss the change. The meeting follows a public consultation process which began last December and received nearly 60,000 responses.

What you think about interactive video and the classification?

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Playing Video Games Reduces Pain

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Video games, especially those that have 3D virtual reality, help reduce physical pain according to a study by the American Pain Society.

The findings show that that whilst games are being played, the mind focus is shifted away and distracted so you forget about what pain you are in.

The research was done by the American Pain Society, a multidisciplinary community of scientists and clinicians who work to reduce pain-related suffering.

A study example revealed that when immersed in the virtual world of gaming, those who are undergoing serious procedures like chemotherapy, report significantly less stress and trepidation.

For a patient with a burn wound care, it was reported their pain ratings decreased by 30 to 50 per cent.

Dr. Charles Friedman of the Pain Relief Centers explained that when playing 3D games in a virtual reality, the brain busies itself using other senses like vision and touch, releasing the feel good chemical endorphins.

Gaming can only help with the physical pain; it cannot help in pain that’s associated with lack of social skills, friends, or a partner.

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