Local Students Act In National G.R.E.A.T Promotional Video

A group of La Crosse middle school students are to make their national acting debut.

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre chose La Crosse to shoot their national G.R.E.A.T promotional videos.

Fifteen of the young actors from Longfellow Middle School teamed up with the La Cross police force to create the promotional videos.

When produced and edited, the promotional video will then be distributed nationally to help promote the G.R.E.A.T programme.

“We are doing some video of scenes like before and after, what the need for the programme is and hopefully, what can be gained by having the programme in the community,” says Officer Andy Dittman, La Crosse Police Department.

The video crew filmed throughout the week and plan to complete the video in early September.

Click here to see a snippet of the promotional video being made and the students and camera crew in action.

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