Infamous Taiwanese Viral Animation Treatment for Mario Balotelli

Anyone who follows a team in the Premiership, or probably even if you just follow a team in English football then it’s more than likely that you will know who Mario Balotelli is. Arriving at Manchester City after an eventful few years at Inter Milan with now City coach, Roberto Mancini, Balotelli has brought controversy to the Premier League; and that’s putting it nicely.

He was already renowned for being a bit of troublemaker in Italy, but he’s surpassed his expectations when it comes to his behaviour; or lack of it. In Italy he left a tarnished reputation and wasn’t particularly liked by the Internazionale fans after he appeared on an Italian TV programme with an AC Milan shirt with his name and number on the back of it.

Well, he’s recently added to his long list of shenanigans over here. The things that we know he’s done are bizarre, such as throwing darts at youth team players and being fined £100,000, he’s supposed to have an allergy to grass which resulted in him leaving the pitch in a European match against Dynamo Kiev.

His most recent antics have been made into a viral animation by Taiwanese Before the Manchester Derby he and some of his friends set his house on fire by setting off fireworks in his bathroom. Not a bright idea, Mario. Yet it turns out that later that week he’d been made an ambassador for firework safety in the UK!

Bizarre to say the least and the chances are that the bizarre video which has been made by won’t turn viral as it’s a poor excuse for a promotional video but it’s amusing at least. It seems that are one video production company that people won’t be rushing too, to have a video made.

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