Animal videos can be a big hit at times!

We all love, and adore animals and times they do some rather stupid things that make us think “if only I had got that on video”… Well some people out there do catch their pets doing some stupid things and one of the more recent videos on YouTube that is currently trending is a video of someone’s pet cat trapping another moggie in a cardboard box and sitting on top of it and refusing to budge!

Well we say refusing to budge but he soon gets bored and after seeing the trapped cat pushing on the lid of the box. He eventually gets out and then shakes his head and wanders off himself, probably wondering what had just happened and thinking to himself “I won’t be going near one of them for a while!” and who could blame him really?

A viral video  could be a good way of promoting a product or a service that you or your business provide and if perhaps you’re struggling for business, if you come up with a good idea for a video to advertise your particular product or service then you could be quids in! There are many different kinds of promotional video about that could help you in this instance, like a software video!

Either way there are many different things out there that can help you and your business!

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